The most romantic musicals in London

Les Misérables

Adaptation of a romantic masterpiece

Sondheim Theatre

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Mamma Mia!

The feel good musical based on Abba's hits

Novello Theatre

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The Phantom of the Opera

The most romantic musical

His Majesty's Theatre

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Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Truth, beauty, freedom and love

Piccadilly Theatre

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Guys and Dolls

We bet you'll love it

Bridge Theatre

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Which musical should you see in London with your partner? Do you want to surprise your other half with an unforgettable evening? Which show should you choose from the huge range the West End, London’s theatre district, offers? Let's discover the best shows for magical romantic evening!

Love is probably the most common theme in musicals. This universal theme is found in nearly every show, regardless of their setting or when they were created. There's a reason that the most legendary musical is West Side Story, a reimagining of Romeo et Juliet by Leonard Bernstein, which places the star-crossed lovers in New York in the 1950s. While West Side Story isn't on stage in the West End, there are still some excellent romantic musicals playing!

We very often find a couple of young leads in romantic musicals – generally played by a soprano and a tenor – who are the basis of the love story and the drama: Christine and Raoul in The Phantom of the Opera, Cosette and Marius in Les Misérables. It will be difficult for you to find a show featuring as many strong emotions and dramatic storylines as this musical.

This list of the best musicals to see as a couple will certainly allow you to find a romantic show that will enchant you and your other half. Whether you choose to return to 19th century Paris, be transported to Arabia, or to a haunted opera house, the wonder will always be there!

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