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What's Marie Curie The Musical about?

Marie Curie The Musical, the first biographical musical about the famous French physician, finally lifts its curtain in London!

Studious and determined, Marie Curie discovered radium, a new chemical element, and became the first woman to win the Nobel Prize. As a result, she realised her lifelong dream.

But as she continued her work on the healing effects of this new element on cancer, some of her colleagues who handled the substance were poisoned. Her discovery has the power to heal... but also to kill. How can she overcome this dilemma?

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Why should you see Marie Curie The Musical?

Created in Korea in 2020, the musical Marie Curie was performed in English for the first time in London. The book was translated and adapted from Korean by Tom Ramsey and Emma Fraser.

The show won the Korea Musical Awards for best book, best score and best show. The book is by Seeun Choun and the music is by Jongyoon Choi.

Marie Curie The Musical tells the story of a fierce and intrepid immigrant woman whose discovery has saved countless patients. The first woman to receive a Nobel Prize, Marie Curie helped create the Curie Institute, which continues its essential research in the fight against diseases and cancer.

Discover the exciting life of Marie Curie by buying your tickets today.

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Frequently asked questions

Tickets for Marie Curie The Musical start at £19 per seat, depending on the performance date and seats chosen.

Marie Curie The Musical is playing at Charing Cross Theatre. The address is: The Arches, Villiers Street, WC2N 6NG London.

Based on the information we have at the moment, Marie Curie The Musical will run until 28/07/2024. There's always a possibility that the production will extend their run.

To get cheap tickets for Marie Curie The Musical in London, you can visit the TKTS London last-minute box office for on the day tickets. However, as Marie Curie The Musical is one of the most popular shows, it's very likely that TKTS may not have any seats available for this show.

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