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Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

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What's Everybody’s Talking About Jamie about?

The musical Everybody’s talking about Jamie is based in the 2011 BBC 3 documentary, Jamie Drag Queen at 16. It's a story about a teenage boy who dreams of becoming a drag queen.

At school, the aptitude tests are clear: Jamie would be an excellent forklift truck operator. But the young man has another dream: going to high school as a drag queen. One day, when he can't stand it any longer, he decides to take the plunge and test his character in a club. To achieve his goals, he'll have to count on his mother’s love and support from his classmates. Will the young man be accepted as he is?

Why should you see Everybody’s Talking About Jamie?

Met by favourable reviews from London critics, this very recent show - it was first performed in Sheffield on 13 February 2017 - was described as the new Dear Evan Hansen, the hit 2016 musical in New York which won no less than 6 Tony Awards. Both shows speak to the difficulty young people face in finding their place in society and their worries as they face life's obstacles.

Like Kinky Boots, Everybody’s talking about Jamie also tackles the universal theme of being difference. The other characters are also self-controlled: his mum still lives in the memories of her relationship with her son's dad. Jamie's best friend struggles to reconcile her femininity with her faith.

A real ode to tolerance, this show is resolutely optimistic, with a thread of humour running throughout and the high energy pop-rock songs being a real strength. The songs for the female roles are particularly outstanding, especially the two excellent solos from Jamie's mum which have a rare emotional power.

Everybody’s talking about Jamie was nominated in 5 categories at the 2018 Oliver Awards.

The reviews are in for Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Very good
Verified review

I'm found the story very moving (homophobia, a parent leaving, tolerance etc.) I'm a real fan of this show which brings together emotion, fantasy, and a streak of originality! The set is beautiful and the main actor is astonishing. This super musical is an ode to love and tolerance! A must see.
👍 I recommend this show
👍 I recommend London Musicals

— Fitzroy, the 27/02/2024

Verified review

A great lesson in tolerance from a musical. A young talented cast and brilliant actors. The mum's performance of He's My Boy is very touching. All the students had their own role. A very beautiful production. An original set. Thanks to the friendly cast.
👍 I recommend this show
👍 I recommend London Musicals

— Eric, the 23/02/2024

Verified review

A fun and lively show which will get you going for the week! The music rides the wave of current trends, the set is modern and very modular, the characters are endearing and what a story! The story is told in both a scintillating and touching and you come away having learnt something and full of hope. Special big ups for the mother and Pritty who support the main character brilliantly and with lots of emotion!
👍 I recommend this show
👍 I recommend London Musicals

— Jennifer, the 21/02/2024

Verified review

I didn't know the story at all before I went, I had been drawn in by the poster. I had seen videos of the real Jamie so I went to the show out of curiosity. The show is really super with an electric energy, a dynamic cast and a great young cast. The music is really catchy and you're nearly dancing in your chair, like the actors on their classroom desk. The staging and scenery are very clever and well used. You'll have a great time at this show!
👍 I recommend this show
👍 I recommend London Musicals

— Violet, the 18/02/2024

Verified review

An interesting and upbeat show. A colourful, modern show which deals with current topics. Top pop songs and choreography. Simple but effective staging. The actor who plays X is excellent!! A very accessible show with lots of humour, go and see it!!!
👍 I recommend this show
👍 I recommend London Musicals

— Chad, the 15/02/2024

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